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    • What is Drafty?
    • Drafty is a streamlined intuitive CAD program for lighting, sound, and projection designers working in live entertainment. Drafty ships with an extensive catalogue of lighting symbols, speaker symbols, projectors, and more.

      Drafty has been designed from the ground up to respond to the unique needs and challenges of theatrical designers, assistants, and technicians. In Drafty everything is a smart object and the program starts working for you from the moment you open a blank document.
    • Why you need Drafty
    • You need a tool that understands how a light and lighting position interrelate.
      You need a program that intuitively understands multi-circuit lights.
      You need tools that automate everything they can because deadlines are short.
      You need an affordable CAD solution that travels with you.
    • Goodbye layer management
    • Drafty uses industry specific tools that always draw objects in the proper order. No more wasted time turning on and off visibility controls trying to find that one errant object. Drafty does the work for you.
    • Hello speed and efficiency
    • Drafty is designed with an interface so simple that any novice can start drafting immediately. Yet it has a depth and sophistication which allows the most seasoned professional to proudly send off completed paperwork to the largest of theaters.

      Inherently mobile and collaborative, Drafty saves as you work. Magically. In the cloud.
    • Enjoy!

“Stunningly simple, ingenious and very useful development for lighting designers.”
     Richard Pilbrow, Lighting Designer